feeling lost

I got lost three times on the way home from the airport. On the way there for the first time, I wrote down the three highway #’s and took duplicate toll money from my wallet, so that I would be ready for the trip home. The difference was that on the way there, next to each highway # sign, there were others that directed me: » » » AIRPORT. In contrast, on the way home there were no signs that said: » » » Terry’s Apartment. They only mentioned exit East/West or North/South… and although I had the highway #’s, I had no idea which direction would take me home.

Have you ever felt lost? A new city? New job? New life-stage?

Getting lost is just part of being only two days in a new city. The newness of a move also includes no food in the fridge, chaos of boxes everywhere, meeting new people and finding new places, exhaustion and uncertainties. I am really grateful for the few special, sentimental items we brought with us – pictures, blankets, pottery – that make this new apartment feel like “home”. They help bridge my old life to my new life; they add security and continuity to my transition.

What helps you handle change? Do you continue traditions, pack special mementos, visit familiar restaurants? 

I know intellectually that it can take a year to feel at “home” in a new place. Emotionally I want it to feel like home now! I am trying to implement a few healthy practices to help with the change…

Laugh: I’m learning to laugh at myself, at the new adventures gone wrong, at all I don’t know… and laugh with others, making new friends and good memories. Some tears are inevitable, but I can find reasons to laugh too.

Let Go: I’m trying not to compare the old with the new. I figure it’s OK for me to miss special people and places, but I need to give this new place a chance. It will feel different for me – not as good in some ways, but maybe better in others. I want to keep my eyes – and my heart – open for the “new and improved”. 🙂

Learn: I have so much to discover – new best practices, “insider” tips, local haunts… If I take the initiative, observe, and ask a lot of questions, I bet I’ll find a lot of great treats and treasures in this new life.

How do you look forward to the “new” in your life?

why a blog?

Why a blog?  I asked myself that question many times. Who would want to read something I wrote? There are so many wise, famous, funny, etc people who are writing blogs today… who am I to join the club? I think many people struggle with those same insecurities.

For a long time I fought against the idea. Finally it was my husband who talked me into it. I like to process personally what I am learning, talking with others, face-to-face if possible. Often, I have processed things with my husband, and he would say, “You should write that down”. I would answer him, “I don’t have time.” So, he spent various months – in secret – recording my thoughts and ideas. One day, he gave me the list and said, “Now I will help you start your blog.”

Now, without any excuse 🙂 , we began to chat about a theme, title, format, etc. Since I am starting a M.A. in Global Leadership through Azusa Pacific University, I decided to use the platform of a blog to process what I am learning – and not worry about if anyone else reads it or not…

I decided to use the theme Learning and Leading because those are issues that are relevant to my every day life. I am a leader by gifting and experience: the oldest of five children, a mother, the Director in many positions and the Co-Director with my husband in other positions. It is often not easy being a woman and a leader. I want to continue learning, especially about how God has created me and how I can grow to become the woman and the leader He has called me to be.

I chose the first word in the title of my blog, Maturitas, from the Latin word for “mature”. And I selected the verse of Ephesians 4:13 because it expresses my desire to grow continually and the process that God uses to bring us to maturity in His time. I wanted the “feel” of a Café because I would prefer to chat with you in a quaint cafe, drinking a delicious coffee, and enjoy a meaningful and lively conversation, face-to-face, about life’s challenges.

Since my reality won’t allow me to visit with you personally, I hope we can communicate through this blog… growing and maturing together. I would love for our conversation to be interactive… so please leave your comments and suggestions! I want to learn from you also! Please subscribe to the blog so that you will receive notifications whenever there is a new post. Join me in the adventure! … and maybe you should start your own blog also!