feeling lost

I got lost three times on the way home from the airport. On the way there for the first time, I wrote down the three highway #’s and took duplicate toll money from my wallet, so that I would be ready for the trip home. The difference was that on the way there, next to each highway # sign, there were others that directed me: » » » AIRPORT. In contrast, on the way home there were no signs that said: » » » Terry’s Apartment. They only mentioned exit East/West or North/South… and although I had the highway #’s, I had no idea which direction would take me home.

Have you ever felt lost? A new city? New job? New life-stage?

Getting lost is just part of being only two days in a new city. The newness of a move also includes no food in the fridge, chaos of boxes everywhere, meeting new people and finding new places, exhaustion and uncertainties. I am really grateful for the few special, sentimental items we brought with us – pictures, blankets, pottery – that make this new apartment feel like “home”. They help bridge my old life to my new life; they add security and continuity to my transition.

What helps you handle change? Do you continue traditions, pack special mementos, visit familiar restaurants? 

I know intellectually that it can take a year to feel at “home” in a new place. Emotionally I want it to feel like home now! I am trying to implement a few healthy practices to help with the change…

Laugh: I’m learning to laugh at myself, at the new adventures gone wrong, at all I don’t know… and laugh with others, making new friends and good memories. Some tears are inevitable, but I can find reasons to laugh too.

Let Go: I’m trying not to compare the old with the new. I figure it’s OK for me to miss special people and places, but I need to give this new place a chance. It will feel different for me – not as good in some ways, but maybe better in others. I want to keep my eyes – and my heart – open for the “new and improved”. 🙂

Learn: I have so much to discover – new best practices, “insider” tips, local haunts… If I take the initiative, observe, and ask a lot of questions, I bet I’ll find a lot of great treats and treasures in this new life.

How do you look forward to the “new” in your life?

today’s modern woman – pick any two!

SawDust City Wood Signs

This silly, simple graphic made me laugh, and so I uploaded it on Pinterest on my “it makes me laugh” board.  Would you believe that only a few days later, it has been re-pinned almost 2500 times (!) and “liked” over 500 (!)?!

If that post were a YouTube video, we would say it went viral! It has certainly had more interest than any of my blog posts!  It has been seen by more people than I have as Facebook friends!  Why?

I believe one reason is because we need to laugh more! Laughter breaks the ice, softens the blow and heals the hurt… A good deep laugh has physical, emotional and spiritual benefits! Laughter is refreshing! Laughter tells those around us that no matter how difficult the circumstances, God is still good.

Then our mouth was filled with laughter And our tongue with joyful shouting; Then they said among the nations, “The LORD has done great things for them.” Ps 126:2  

These few lines also give healthy perspective to the lie that “we can do it ALL.”  The only one who is all-knowledgeable, all-present, and all-powerful is God; the rest of us have to make choices.  The rest of us have to leave some things for tomorrow and keep that to-do list around for a few more days.  The rest of us have to live by priorities, accept failure, and give each other grace – time and time again!

Lastly, since Pinterest is mostly frequented by women, I think that  board has challenged women to consider their primary roles in life. What is most important for me to do today? How do I best serve the Lord and those around me? I’m glad that this board shows that we can find humor in those options, because sometimes we are so busy comparing, criticizing, judging each other that we forget to value each other and encourage each other to be all that GOD wants us to be as women. (more on that in future blogs)

What do you think about it?

I hope this post gave you a good laugh today! Enjoy and pass it along to someone else who needs a smile!