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Hi! I’m glad you stopped by.

I have been a coffee lover since childhood. I fondly remember waking up to the coffee aroma steaming from my parents’ percolator early every morning.

As I started research for this blog, I learned a bit about coffee and how it describes our life.

Getting the beans to the cup is a process. The coffee berries ripen on the bush, just as we “ripen” or mature (Hence the blog name. Maturitas is “maturity” in Latin). Since coffee plants and berries are attacked by numerous pests (over 900 beetles, mites & snails), they must receive care – special treatments, environment management, and pruning. We also experience “attacks” during our maturing process and need community, development and change, and in order to grow. 

Coffee growers harvest the seeds. They pick the ripe, red seeds traditionally by hand, ferment them to remove the flesh, dry them, and then roast them. Laborers roast the berries with different methods at varying degrees of heat depending on the desired flavor. In the same way, God uniquely designs and guides each of our lives. 

Next, the roasted beans are ground. A burr mill uses revolving elements to shear the bean; an electric grinder smashes the beans with blunt blades moving at a high speed, or a mortar and pestle crushes the beans (Sometimes life can feel like a burr mill or a mortar), and the beans are finally brewed. Have you noticed that authentic and attractive people have often been “broken” by experiences in their lives?

Finally, the barista prepares the coffee, and we enjoy it in a variety of ways – best together with others – bringing energy and pleasure.

I personally like my coffee black and bold.

How do you like your coffee?


I am Terry Morgan – wife of the man who makes me laugh and is my biggest fan and mother of four adult children who help me learn and grow. I’ve served with a faith-based, non-profit called Cru for over 35 years, living almost 20 of those years in Latin America. When I first understood that I could have a personal relationship with God, it changed my life. I am passionate about mentoring, coaching, and helping others be all God created them to be. I’d much rather visit with you in person over our cup of coffee or tea, but for now, this blog is a way to process my thoughts and connect with fascinating people from around the globe. I am grateful to get to know you and learn from each of your comments. Welcome to the Maturitas Cafe.

19 thoughts on “about me

  1. Terry….my daughter-in-law just had a 2nd miscarriage. Her first was at 25 weeks, this was earlier, but still painful. She is Chilean and her and my son live in Chile. They are believers but right now she is very angry at God. If you have an former blogs, in Spanish, that I might forward to her as encouragement, I would be grateful. It is hard being so far away. I have traveled a similar path but it was many, many years ago and have many examples of God’s faithfulness if I look back. At 29, she does not have as much history to draw strength from….thank you


    • Hi Cindy… your comment touches my heart. I sincere desire to help and your willingness to get others involved demonstrates the depth of your love and care for your daughter-in-law and your son. I also had two miscarriages before I was carried my first to full term. When I was pregnant with her, I had some bleeding and I will never forget getting on my knees with my husband and praying… I determined that bad things were going to happen in my life – I would not be exempt, but I decided that I would rather go through them with God than without Him. It was not an easy prayer, but one that I believe changed my life focus from that point on. I will pray for your dear DIL. I haven’t written about that kind of loss on this blog – it was a long time ago for me too. I have written a few about redemption and death. I will keep my eyes an ears open for something that might be good. I’d also be willing to talk with her, if she would be open to that… I know God understands her pain and hurts with her.


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  3. Hi Terry! Love how you blog bi-lingually. I’m heading that way with my blog; however I’m a slow writer and struggle already to keep up with all my obligations as it is! Thank for stopping by. I’m going to follow your blog, and invite you to do the same. Let’s learn from each other! BTW – were any of your kids at Puebla camp? My 11 yr. was there.


    • As we like to say, “Small world, BIG God”!! Yes, my “baby” – a High School senior was there – her last camp, since we take her to college this summer. Great friends and memories and spiritual growth for my kids from years going to the camp. I will definitely follow your blog also! PS I get help with the translation! 🙂


  4. I loved this analogy Terry! I’ve never thought of my spiritual growth to be similar to coffee process. Very nice!!!
    There’s nothing like smelling a steamy cup of coffee in the morning!


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