a bucket list

mom kayakI read recently that the words “bucket list” are going out of style, as trendy words sometimes do after overuse during a period of time.

Personally, since doctors gave my mom the terminal cancer diagnosis, I have not been too concerned about the trendiness or overuse of the word. It is much more important to me that she is living her bucket list.

The pictures in this post are of my mom. In a kayak. Out in the ocean. Way out. With seals and (big!) boats and waves.

Remember, my mom is almost 80 years old and fighting cancer with bi-weekly chemo treatments. She is fragile and weak. She hates to fly and has to smoke… BUT she traveled to San Diego to spend time at the ocean she loves with a friend who loves her… AND she took a seven hour adventure in a kayak… and she loved it!

I am so proud of her.

Too often I let fear or inconvenience or what-others-will-think get in my way of trying something new or pursuing a dream or taking on a challenge. I can settle for comfortable instead of fulfilling, good enough instead of invigorating, status quo instead of satisfying.

But I want a life that is more than just adequate. I believe God created me for an abundant life. I want to live all-out and full-force with less hesitation and more heart, fewer petty concerns and more passion, less worry and more freedom.

Tim McGraw sings a country song that says, “I hope someday you have the chance to live like you were dying”. My mom is helping me learn to live that way.

How about you? Do you have a bucket list? What holds you back from living life to the fullest today?