new car nostalgia

We are selling our car and buying another one. That happens all the time. Not a big deal for some people, but others will understand when I say that this is a bit of an emotional roller coaster for me. Don’t get me wrong… I am excited to have a new(er) car. This one is the size, miles, price, and even color that we wanted. We are buying from a very reputable dealer, and we even get to trade in our old car. So what is my problem?

Trading in the “old” car is the problem. You see, the old car is full of memories… many years full of memories. The old car was a miracle gift from very special friends. It has carried my whole family – plus a few friends – to and from our international home more times than I can count. It has been full to overflowing on the way to conferences, retreats, vacations, and school trips.

The car has transported our garage sale treasures, numerous could-you-help-me-move-this items, and all of our children’s belongings when we left them at college. Last summer, we took our last big (crazy!) family trip in that car – seven of us and a dog – from Colorado to Wisconsin to visit my husband’s mom just before she passed away.

Yes, the car is full of memories. Memories of a time gone by when all my children were at home with me. Now the car is too big for just my husband and me. It is getting old – as we are – and starting to break down more often – as we are… it is time for a change.

I’m sure that just a few hours in the new car will convince me. It is smaller, more practical, more gas efficient, more modern… just right for our new life. It will be fine – even good for us – but I will miss the old car… and I will be thankful for the memories.

What brings back memories for you? Are there items that have been emotionally hard for you to let go?

12 thoughts on “new car nostalgia

  1. Strange isn’t it, how letting go of things with memories is often heart wrenching! Shows us what REALLY matters! Love you, enjoy your new car as you make new memories!

  2. It’s a wonder that God gives us a heart to hold those special memories close. Hearts typically don’t rust and fall apart as easily as a car! Love the word pictures here!

  3. the big suburban that mateo backed into your neighbor’s little volkswagon? the big suburban that i rode to my first ever Congreso in back when I was just thinking of coming to Mexico????
    Well, i may be changing cars too. My car that lived with me 3 years in mexico may be leaving me soon….I am having a hard time with that as well….

    • Yes… That very suburban, affectionately known as “the tank” or “the beast”. 🙂 Thanks for reminding me of some other great memories! Funny how we can get attached to cars that way! We are really enjoying the new car though!

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