happy 1st anniversary, maturitas cafe!

I wish I could invite you to my Maturitas Cafe coffee shop for a free just-your-style coffee (or tea!) “on-the-house” in honor of our 1st year anniversary! Maybe we would request a basket of Mexican sweet bread for the table to celebrate. In an ideal world, we would definitely have sunshine lightly entering through the windows and energetic, lively music playing in the background… It would be such a treat for me to visit and talk with you!

I have been blogging for a year now… hard to believe! Some of the stats milestones:

  • over 5000 views (wow! that’s kind-of exciting for a newbie like me…)
  • grown from 5 to 50 views per day (that’s fun!)
  • over 80 posts (this has not been easy for me…)
  • over 250 comments (thanks for interacting!)
  • 30 regular followers (please do follow, if you enjoy the posts!)
  • 164  # of views on my busiest day
  • top blog for the year “cleaning house, cooking meals and a greater cause

All in all, blogging has been a great mental challenge for me this year. I have learned about widgets and pingbacks, WordPress and twitter, tags and hyperlinks, word counts and (a little) html… It has been invigorating (at times frustrating) to push myself into something new. I have learned to process and summarize my thoughts, take feedback, increase my vocabulary, and be more creative.

My favorite part has been connecting with dear friends and making new friends – other bloggers, visitors from all parts of the world, friends of friends. Since busyness and geography make it impossible for us to visit regularly face-to-face, I am grateful for this media means to share and interact with you. I so appreciate your visits, I love reading your comments and learning from you, and I look forward to connecting with you more in the months to come!

The hardest part for me is the discipline to write regularly. Blogging helps me to set aside time to reflect on life’s experiences and lessons. As a true extrovert, I would much prefer to just talk out my thoughts – although they would often be an uncontrolled, jumbled, free-flowing mess! Here you get the sanitized, edited, organized me. 🙂

No telling what next year will bring… but I pray I’ll be growing, processing, influencing, leading and living for Him. I hope you’ll accompany me on the journey!

What is something new that you are learning?

7 thoughts on “happy 1st anniversary, maturitas cafe!

  1. I so admire your diligence and devotion to posting on your blog. I am so scatter brained most of the time that my posts come in spurts….but then again, I look at your life and see that you are doing this at THIS stage in your life. That encourages me to stay focused on the path that I’m on and remember my life won’t ALWAYS be consumed with Legos and school work….right??? I appreciate your relationship with GOD as you share the thoughts you have about that relationship, and then you throw in ideas, thoughts, encouragements about the relationships with your husband, children and others in The Body – you cover all of it with grace and mercy. I like that and look forward to seeing how GOD grows your writing over the years as you minister to so many!!! Hugs from “rainy” NM!!


    • Thanks so much, Cathy! I know you are super busy and so I appreciate even more that you “stop by” to say hello, and even respond to my posts! I look forward to connecting with you here! Hugs back at you!


  2. Wow! Congratulations on reaching one year! Your posts are always so insightful. I’m really glad that you are taking the time to get your thoughts down on “paper.”

    Looking forward to seeing where you go with this year’s posts!


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