running for my life

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My birthday caused me to consider how to best invest the next years of my life. Often good physical health contributes to reaching other dreams, so I got motivated to lose some weight and increase my running routine.

In the process, I learned about reaching other life goals!

  • Getting better takes time – I am not a patient person; I prefer instant results. However, I am learning to persevere and trust the process. There were weeks when I wouldn’t lose one pound, and I wanted to give up, but if I kept doing the right things, I would finally see the weight drop. I often want to quit in other areas of life also – habits I can’t break, changes I can’t make, or relationships that aren’t working like I want. If I stop trying, I guarantee not getting better… but if I give it time, doing the right things, I just might get results!
  • Getting better takes hard work – I have never really liked to run. For me it is just plain discipline. Some days I feel pretty good; some days my feet feel like lead. Often, if I push through the first discomforts, I start to feel better and go farther than I initially thought I could. No great athlete achieves success without consistent practice, lots of sweat, and often pain. Neither will I get better – personally or professionally – without intentional effort. I have found that an honest evaluation (like a 360) and a personal development plan, accompanied by a coach or mentor, can help me grow and improve. 
  • Plan for hard days and easy days – A training plan allows for “pushing for distance” days and rest days. Going all-out every day will inevitably lead to injury and burnout. Life is similar. There are days when I have to give more than I have to handle a conflict, help someone, or get something done on time, and there are days when I need to rest. Without the rest, I don’t have the energy needed for the tough times, and I am resentful and tired. When I am regularly refreshed and rejuvenated, I have the stamina and strength to give the extra effort – even when it’s hard.
  • I am unique –  My husband can eat a lot more calories than I can and still lose weight. But, I am not my husband, and my weight-loss plan is not the same as his. Nor is my exercise plan the same as his… nor is my life plan the same as his! I need to stop comparing – and complaining(!) – and figure out what will work for me. Often I want to “cut and paste” someone else’s gifts or abilities or experience into my life, but God has a singular, individual plan for me. 
  • Getting better gets harder – Many people can run one mile or lose a few pounds. On the other hand, keeping weight off or running a marathon is much more challenging. As much I as would like to have earned an easy road due to past accomplishments, that is not how real life works. Instead, the older I am, the more responsibility I get, the more leadership I take on… the harder it is to get better! There is no “downhill” slide. It will always be “uphill”, and I don’t want that truth to surprise or discourage me.
What are principles that help you reach your goals?

7 thoughts on “running for my life

  1. Hi Teri,
    I agree with you on all points!! I have really found that weight lose/exercise is a spiritual discipline. It’s so easy to just do something for awhile and then after it gets somewhat mundane or hard – just give it up. I also see this in so many areas of my life.
    I started Weight Watchers because of the structure it had. It’s pretty easy to simply count my points each day. Alan has also started and is doing well. It is hard though because he gets so many more points than me and I found myself trying to keep up with him. Lately, I am coming to grips with That’s his portion size and THIS is my portion size. Very hard lesson to accept. It doesnt seem fair but yet as you say, “I am an experience of one”. I am starting to accept this.
    I am so glad you started this blog. I hope you will keep it up. I believe a lot of my success this time is due to blogs (mine and others) The encouragement for me found on these sites is huge. It always does me good to look at a few each day. ( i just have to discipline myself not to stay on too long)
    I have been reading a book called, “Made to Crave” by Lysa TerKeurst, it is helping me so much with the spiritual aspect of all this. Also if you are interested she has or had a free kindle book called, Craving God: A 21 Day Devotional – it may still be available.
    I was encouraged by your blog and look forward to reading more about what God is teaching you!! You can read mine – simple as it is – at


      • Thanks for your encouragement, Pam! I think the key is that there is no spiritual/secular dichotomy… everything we do as Christians has a spiritual element! Once we realize that, we start to see the spiritual challenge – and hope! – in washing dishes, changing diapers, boring paperwork, budgeting, excercise, weight loss… anything that is, as you say, mundane or hard, for us. Weight Watchers fits perfectly with being intentional, and having a plan and a mentor… keep up the good work! Yes, and once I quit comparing and complaining about my portion (and/or my “lot” in life), I am much more content and peaceful with God’s plan for ME! I will check out the resources and visit your blog again! Thanks for sharing!


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