wait is a four letter word

3 oclockThe alarm went off at 3:00 AM, only a few hours after my head hit the pillow. Begrudgingly, I forced myself awake and moving to catch the 6:00 AM flight. At least the effort and pain of this early hour meant we would arrive to Albuquerque by 10:30 AM and enjoy a full day with my sister and my dad.

The departure to Houston was uneventful. We even received upgrades for that first flight, and we were about to arrive on time when the tower denied our landing because of fog in the area. The pilot first communicated that we would circle above the airport and wait for permission to land. Fifteen minutes later, the pilot informed us that we did not have enough fuel to wait any longer, and we would have to land at a nearby airport.

That detour cost approximately 60 minutes in the air there and back and another 40 minutes on the ground for re-fueling. Our connecting flight was long gone by then. Oh well, we thought, we could just wait for the airline to re-book us on the next flight.

When the automatic re-booking option came through on my phone, we would be arriving in Albuquerque… at 11:00 PM(!) with a detour through Denver. UGH! Basically the whole day lost, WAITING, sitting around in airports. Not my idea of fun.

We stopped at a service desk to check for better options, and I asked some friends to pray that we might find an earlier flight. The texts back and forth from my friends made me laugh and lightened the mood. In addition, they offered suggestions for using the waiting time:

  • Rest and relax
  • Stop at Starbucks 🙂
  • Eat something
  • Write a blog post on waiting!

We also walked, shopped, read, and enjoyed some “Face-Time” with our children. We eventually found an 8:00 PM arrival. All in all, the day was long, but we were safe and not much changed as a result. It did not take much effort to fill the time, and it helped to not get angry or irritated with people or circumstances along the way.

I remembered – once again – interruptions and delays are an inevitable part of life. We wait for relationships, jobs, disease cures, prodigal children to come home, and bucket-list dreams to come true. I can’t control them, but I can control my attitude as I wait.

How do you handle interruptions and delays in your life?


Photo credit: amyvdh / Foter / CC BY-NC

6 thoughts on “wait is a four letter word

  1. I couldn’t decide whether to laugh or cry with you. Ughhh. Waiting is never my idea of an opportunity to grow, but I know that GOD uses it all the time. I wish I handled those moments with grace and a desire to seek GOD, but sadly, that’s often my last thought. Instead, I usually grumble or try to fix it. It’s often one of my children that bring me back to reality and help me focus on the here and now and what I can gain or enjoy from this “surprise bit of time”. See….you followed some great advice and wrote an excellent article. And when you hit Edgewood, you were rewarded with time in the hot tub, right?? I’m glad now that the rain hasn’t hit us, yet. Soak up some good sister time now that you’ve arrived!


  2. We are presently in a series on the sovereignty of God from Habbakuk at our church. Yesterday was on “waiting” on God to work out HIS plan for us. Never easy, yet it exercises our faith muscles in ways “getting it now” never will. Sounds like you came to a place of rest in your waiting! Something I need God’s special grace to do!!! Hope your visit is going very well.


  3. I love this! We can’t avoid waiting–though I always want to. Impatience is so much a part of my genetic code. That and having my plans messed up makes for a lousy waiter. Loved that your friends encouraged you to relax–and write about it! Nothing like first-person experience to really drive a point home. Glad you got there safely–and I’m hoping time with your sister and dad is sweet and memorable in a positive way. How do I handle interruptions? Snarkily, actually. Too often I take it as a personal affront. So how long will it take me to learn that God is engaged in the interruptions to remind me that He’s in charge of life and I’m not? Thanks for these great words, Ter.


    • I have been known to be a bit “snarky” myself! Getting others involved really helps me… and letting go of the need to “be in charge” would help too… if I could do that! lol! Thanks for your encouragement, dear one!


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