What’s my $1 million wish?

This is the question posted on the TED blog today: What’s your $1 Million Wish for the World? They are taking nominations for their 2015 TED Prize, a $1 million award to a visionary with a great big idea for creating change in the world.

Before March 31st you can nominate a mentor, a hero, a co-worker, even yourself. TED wants to give $1 million to someone who has a great wish and the track record that suggests they could accomplish it. It will be very interesting to find out who they pick.

I tried to think about a great wish today, but honestly my heart and head is full now with sad and painful emotions. My mom’s husband of the last 30 years (not my dad, but a very special man) has been in the hospital for weeks and has only deteriorated. They will move him by ambulance back to his home tomorrow. This is very difficult for my mom who is already fighting stage-four cancer. It is very hard for my family who live close by and do the daily care.

My great wish today is for no more sickness, death, and suffering.

I pray faithfully for a lot of people who are sick and dying… some days I get very discouraged and frustrated because I don’t get the answers I want. I would rather take it on myself to protect the ones I love from pain. I want to make the hurt and illness and tears and fear all go away… but I can’t do that.

$1 million won’t get me my wish.

We live in a broken world. Disease and death are not the only hardships. There are so many more. Some injustices make me mad. Some hurtful actions break my heart. Sadness will never end here on earth. The only place without pain is our eternal home.

I can offer hope.

It would be easy for me to settle for resignation and depression since I can not cure the ills of this world. I am often tempted to give up. However, there is much I can do. Like the TED nominees, I can create change in the world. It may be a very small change… a hug, a word of encouragement, a prayer, an offer to help…  What I do may not win me a $1 million prize, but it may earn me a smile. Maybe I can’t take away the heavy burden, but I can help to lighten the load.

While I am here, I can give. Maybe that”s why I am still here for now.

What is your $1 million wish? Where would you create change in the world?

(Do you know someone to nominate for the TED prize?)

8 thoughts on “What’s my $1 million wish?

  1. First, I’m sorry to hear of the suffering of your mom and her husband. Prayers for them, for their caretakers, and for you.

    Yes, we do live in a broken world. So thankful for people like you who give, pray, and offer hope to others.

    As for the million dollars? Where does one start? So many possibilities to ease suffering and offer hope around the world (medicine, food, shelter, clothing, the Gospel preached, etc.)

    • Thank you so much for your prayers, Ilona. Everyone is weary, but doing their best to offer loving care and comfort.
      I am certain you could do marvelous things with a million dollars! Someday, may God grant us a coffee date together… I’d love to hear more about your dreams!

  2. I hear your pain and understand it, Terry! God will show you what you can do to ease the strain and pain of loss AND I pray that you will have special grace and comfort. It’s hard to ever feel like it’s enough but we must rest in what it is He leads us to do in the moment. Love you!

    • Well, my friend, the pain just keeps coming. It feels like it’s been a year or so of loss and sadness, and now you’re faced with it anew. I appreciate your wish, because it’s so other-centered and altruistic. Caring so much for others. Feeling their pain. Experiencing the loss of those you love. And no money in the world can compensate for that. Can make a change in that. But in God’s economy, He does the impossible, by allowing us to grow as we embrace the pain because we do it in Him. Thanks for this beautifully worded and genuinely presented piece of your heart. You are a woman of great depth and wisdom because of the path He’s allowed you to walk.

      • It has been a sad 18 months, Dayle… and doesn’t look like it will have any less tears in the months ahead. On the other hand, we have also been very blessed with very good experiences, friends, and family times during those months… He is good to us – always. Thanks for your encouraging words… I feel more like a broken and stumbling child than a wise or deep woman on the path… but you are sweet to see the me I want to be. Love you!

    • Thanks so much for your love, prayers, and empathy, sweet friend. I might call you to ask how you arranged schedules with aides and help, etc. So much to figure out, but, yes, He is the one who gives us rest and comfort!

  3. I million dollars????? mmmmm I think there is nothing to do on the health part, it will keep happening, but I can help people to a better understanding of life. We go through life making plans and promises and dreaming of a future, when what we need to do, is live now, not more promises, or wishes, act and do now. This is the time to learn that what we have now is all what we will have, us.

    • I agree with you, Marcella, that we should live well today – to the fullest. It is all we have for certain, so no use regretting or re-living the past, or always wishing or waiting for the future! I am grateful for today!

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