learning to be thankful

ID-10087368I’m not very good at being thankful. Well, maybe I’m not that bad when it means saying “thank you” to the waitress or the hotel clerk. I do that pretty well. I am less quick to express my gratitude to those closest to me… my husband, my family, my God. That is a bit ironic since they are the ones who give me the most and the best of themselves. They give over a long period of time. They give well.

I suppose it is that very consistency that leads me to take them for granted. I hardly notice the effort, or I deem it expected and obligatory… just an ordinary part of life.

But love and sacrifice are so not ordinary.

When a husband stays with his wife through hard times and sad times and keeps loving and laughing and giving and forgiving, that is something special. When children respect and enjoy their parents… and each other… in spite of hurts and differences and distance and time, that is something special. When God loves without limits, unconditionally and unendingly, that is something special.

Not to be taken for granted.

I want to notice these special gifts and be more grateful. Thanksgiving is such a wonderful reflective time of year. It so frequently gets lost in between the other holidays, and yet it is so important for me. I need the continual reminder.

So I don’t just expect and assume with those I love… so I remember to say “thank you”.

Who do you want to thank today? 

6 thoughts on “learning to be thankful

  1. Cultivating a thankful heart will chase any sort of gloom! My mother said it and lived it! When I remember to give thanks it does the same for me…it’s the remembering that’s needed! Thank you for drawing my attention to it. A friend just shared how she has kept a Thank You book for 10 years. Everyday writing one thing for which she is thankful and through out the day looking for something special for which to thank God. I just started one for myself!!


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  3. Wonderful reminder of what we should be doing ALL THE TIME! The funny part about being thankful is we truly focus on it at the end of November–as if that’s when we can catch up on all the people and blessings we’ve received. Thanks for the great insights–I know I do take for granted those who “do” for me all the time!


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