a 30-year celebration

fireworks digitalphoto KeeratiWhere did the time go? How did I get here? Am I really that old? Did I ever imagine when I was first starting out that I would arrive to this point? Has it been worth it?

This year I celebrate 30 years working with the organization known as cruI started out 30+ years ago with enthusiasm, belief, energy, a bit of trepidation and the support of family and friends. I stepped out of my comfort zone, moved to a new state (and eventually new countries), and I took on challenges that I wasn’t sure I could actually accomplish.

I believed that I could help change the world.

I learned a new language, developed my strengths, grew in weak areas, tried new experiences, tasted new flavors, and worked with some of the most incredible people in the world. Sometimes I made mistakes and poor decisions. I loved working with others, dreaming dreams, and creating something new.

I believed that – even with my weaknesses – I could make a difference.

I trusted strangers. I loved those who were lost; I helped others grow. I changed because they taught me new ways. I asked for forgiveness and forgave those who hurt me. I shared my time, my home, and my heart with many who became life-long friends. I said good-bye too many times.

I believed that people can change.

I laughed. I cried. I mourned. I celebrated.

30 years have gone by, but the adventure continues.

I still believe…


Are you following your dreams? What do you believe?

10 thoughts on “a 30-year celebration

    • Thanks so much, John! That means a lot to me… especially coming from you who lived through many of those years with me! I am excited to see what dreams God gives you for your life! Love you lots!

  1. You have much courage, my friend, and even more insight. I love your ability to see the journey for what it is–a path forward towards the dream God has given you. You are an encouragement.

  2. Muchas Felicidades Terry, gracias por tu ejemplo de constancia decisiòn y disciplina. Yo tambièn creo que tu puedes cambiar al mundo y hacer la diferencia y la prueba es que por conocerte provocaste cambios positivos en mi. Gracias por eso, por no abandonar en los tiempos difíciles y por animarme a perseguir mis sueños. Dios te guarde y se que cosas grandes e inimaginables Dios ha preparado para ti en las nuevas dècadas por venir!

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