only the best

One day, a man walked into an antique shop and asked permission to look around. It was a rather exclusive shop frequented only by those who could afford to purchase articles made rare by their scarcity and age. The visitor seemed strangely out of place because he was poorly dressed though clean; indeed it was clear from his appearance that he was a laborer whose face and been etched by sun and rain and whose hands were rough and worn. After more than a half hour, he left. In about ten days he returned. This time he found a very beautiful piece of glass and asked if he could make a deposit on it. Each week he made a payment, until at last the article was his. With much curiosity, the owner of the shop engaged him in conversation to determine, if he could, the use to which such a man would put his new purchase. “I bought it for my little room.   It isn’t much, but I bring to it, from time to time, through the years, only the very best and beautiful things. You see, that is where I live.” 
                                             Howard Thurman, Deep is the Hunger                                                                                                       

To bring to where you live only the very best and most beautiful…

I read this story this morning and began to consider my life…

Of all the thoughts that pass through during the day, which will I keep for my room? Will I choose to keep only the positive, encouraging, believe-the-best, excellent ideas about myself, others and my world?

What will I bring into my home through my music, media, activity and reading choices? Are they only the very best and beautiful things? Worth their price? Valuable?

There is a lot of cheap, ugly junk quickly and conveniently available in our world today. On the other hand, it takes time, effort, care, attentiveness, and diligent searching to find a priceless treasure.

It is said that where your treasures are, that is where your heart is also.

What treasures are you collecting for your home? 

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