5 thoughts on “give it to me straight!

  1. Just thought of another principle…from 1 Thess 5:14…”and we urge you, brothers, admonish the idle, encourage the fainthearted, help the weak, be patient with them all.” I need to check my motive when I give truth. Is my goal to give out truth or to help the other person? I need to remember to ask, “What does this person need in this moment?” Maybe he is already down and beating himself up with truth. The truth that person needs to hear is the truth about grace, love forgiveness etc. Truth does not have to be like yucky medicine and conflictive. Truth can come in the form of help and encouragement. Like we read in Elmer’s book about service being defined by the one being served, I wonder if giving truth and how we give it is better defined and accepted by the needs of the hearer…not the one giving it.


  2. When I was little, sometimes my mom gave me yucky medicine or crushed up aspirin mixed with a little sugar. I got the medicine I needed to get well, but it never tasted so bad. Wonder if that is a metaphor for giving truth? Like the Mary Poppins song…a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down, in the most delightful way…Great post!


    • Yes, a bit of “sugar” helps – especially for children… as adults, I think we may need to be mature and take the “medicine” even if it doesn’t “taste good”, but when it is up to us, we certainly can help make it easier by adding sweet grace to the truth. Thanks, Steve!


  3. They can give it to me straight, but it needs to be done with grace as well. Don’t blast me. Give me some positive feedback first so that I can feel better about myself. 🙂 I, too, have experienced the “Let’s not tell Mom” syndrome around my house. Never good.


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