Become a Feedback Guru

feedback photo 2.jpgFeedback is a powerful tool for growth, learning, and life change.

Feedback helps us grow and develop personally, and it helps us focus, change, and/or re-direct our efforts for greater productivity and fruitfulness.

As part of my job, I recently prepared a project called “30 Days of Feedback“. The goal was to help people improve in giving and receiving feedback. Co-workers and friends were encouraged to sign up to receive posts of encouragement, tips, and simple activities they could do to build a culture of feedback at work, on a team, and in their families.

The project was a great learning experience for me. I enjoyed reading books, articles, and blog posts about feedback. I searched for videos to communicate key points. I organized the content into a month schedule and asked for lots of feedback 🙂 from others as the posts took shape. One of my favorite parts of the project was creating the graphic design memes for each day together with my very artistically talented daughter.

feedback memesThe posts covered both how to offer (give) positive feedback and how to invite (receive) constructive feedback from others.

After the 30 days, some of my co-workers asked if we could make the content available all together, so we created an eBook. The eBook will be helpful for those who want to continually review the ideas and practice the tips and activities with others.

I’d like to offer the eBook as a resource to you (click on the photo below)! I hope you will find it helpful. Feel free to pass it along to others also.

30 Days of Feedback COVER

I’d love to hear your feedback on the book! What is something new you learned about feedback?

7 thoughts on “Become a Feedback Guru

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    • Thanks so much, Ray. I sure learned a lot through the project process and am much more aware now of opportunities to give and invite feedback. I hope it will help transform our organizational environment.


  2. Your e-Book is amazing! You and Sarah did an excellent job on this! I will be sharing this with everyone I can. I am thinking of going back through your book and focusing on one feedback tip each week. I grew during the 30 Days campaign in April, but feel that I can still get better in this area. Thanks for making this available to us!


  3. I love this! I’m looking forward to reading your eBook. Tell your photographer daughter that the graphics are great. Love the quote by Pat Summit. Especially in our outfit, we fill in the blanks with the negative because the positive affirmation we yearn for often isn’t there. Then after awhile, even if we’re encouraged, we don’t hear it because we’re so used to blocking out the harsh. (Can you see I’ve been thinking about this?) Positive feedback, or feedback given in a positive manner, is so essential for us as a body! Thanks for this, Ter. A super reminder that our words matter–especially as they reflect back to others how we’re encouraged by them. Well done!


    • Thanks so much, friend! We hope to have printed books available soon too. Have you had a chance to read through some of the book? Have you noticed if you offering more positive feedback now? 🙂


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