learning to trust


It’s that time again – the end of one year and the beginning of another.

In some ways it feels surreal. Nothing very grandiose actually happens during the night of December 31, other than a big party in New York and a small family party with fireworks, games, and too much food. Nothing super special. The sun goes down, I sleep – albeit not many hours – in the same bed, and I wake up to the same house, with the same family, friends, work and life that I had when I when the day before ended.

On the other hand, a new year is a big deal. A calendar milestone. A chronological capstone. A time for reflection, evaluation, and a fresh start with new goals, focus, and intentionality. 

I do not stop to review my life very often, so I am grateful for the reminders at this time of year. And I am grateful for the opportunity to refresh my perspective and consider how I want to live my 2016.

In the years past, I have chosen one word for each year – an attempt to encourage myself to think, speak, and act with a particular heart attitude. I have chosen words like empower, fulfill, courage, and authentic, but this year I am choosing TRUST.

There are a lot of big challenges and struggles bombarding my family and friends. I can tend to worry, and get frustrated or tense or discouraged. Sometimes I feel helpless and without hope.

I want to choose to believe in God’s goodness and His love and His power to resolve, restore, and redeem these difficult consequences instead.

I want to TRUST Him.

I may be choosing my most faith-stretching word so far. It goes against my natural desires to fix the problem myself… and fix it fast. It goes against my anger and fear and impatience when the problems drag on or get worse before they get better.

Most of my natural tendencies do not help the situation or the person I care about. I can bring a lot more power to a situation with prayer and a peaceful attitude. So that is my One Word for 2016 – TRUST.

Feel free to ask me how I am doing with it as the days and weeks go by. 🙂 I’ll need your encouragement.

What word are you choosing for 2016? 

13 thoughts on “learning to trust

  1. My word is “fruitful”, and combines building on my previous years words of “focus” and “fullness”…The best book I have read so far on TRUST is “31 Days to Trusting God” by Jerry Bridges, powerful reminders! I will pray for you, dear friend! 🙂


  2. OK, I will ask. One of my foci is very similar: to not worry but pray instead. Will worry help? Probably not, but I do it. I want to learn to trust God by praying. Philippians 4:6-7 reminds me to not be anxious, but instead pray…and the peace of God that surpasses all understanding and circumstances will guard my heart. My ONE WORD for the year is actually a three word phrase: STRENGTHEN THE CORE-physical, emotional, spiritual, relational, leadership. And feel free to ask me also! 🙂


  3. Trust is a HUGELY faith-stretching word. A concept that flies in the face of our fix-it mentalities. There are times I just want to avoid self-reflection–I don’t want to think about me any more! But your reminder of the need to adjust and process in truth is good. I, too, want to choose God’s goodness to restore, resolve and redeem those broken areas of my life. Fixing them is out of my control. I rejoice with you, Ter, in this new challenge. I’m praying for opportunities to just be able to talk with you and ask how you’re doing with this new word.

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    • OK, Dayleo…were you talking about me when you said “fix it mentality”? I guess if the shoe fits…I got frustrated two nights ago when I couldn’t fix my daughter being stuck in Denver airport. Then I realized that the Lord might actually have His hand in it. Ya think?!

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      • Got me on that one, Steverino! Fix-it mentalities run in my family. And yours. You’re just the kinder, gentler version. Sorry about your daughter being stuck in Denver–it happened to a lot of folks. Frustration is a subtle tool of the enemy to get me looking away from God and to what I think I need to be doing. And your INFP? You’re just a calmer party waiting to happen!


      • Thanks Dayleooo. I actually fluctuate between a calmer party waiting to happen…with a nap waiting to happen. LOL. 😛 I love the “E” tho. That is way the Ter has been so good for me!


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