we deserve more

fifty shadesValentine’s Day is not my favorite day of the year. I have already mentioned some of the reasons why in an earlier post. This year, however, is worse than ever. My Facebook feed is full of posts about the upcoming movie “Fifty Shades of Grey” based on the book by the same name.

I have not read the book and I will not go see the movie. It holds no attraction for me. As a matter of fact, the basic idea of the content turns my stomach and makes me very angry and very sad at the same time.

I cannot avoid speaking out against this movie. Most movies would not get my attention in this way – my family will vouch for the fact that I sleep through most movies. However, it seems my WORD for 2015 is inspiring me to write this post.

I chose EMPOWER as my WORD for 2015.

All people deserve to be loved, respected, and empowered
for all the best that God created them.  

Every person is created with value, dignity, purpose and incredible power to love others and have a positive influence in our world.

One of the greatest threats to true, healthy power is disrespect, devaluing, and abuse of women. I have written about the need for advocates in the past and the amazing power that is attained when men and women work together.

Fifty Shades of Grey glamorizes disrespect, lust, abuse, manipulation, and violence of a man over a woman. The movie degrades both men and women alike, portraying self-centered, hurtful, and power-abusive attitudes and behaviors… and worse yet, the movie will premiere on a day that is supposed to honor love.

If you love yourself, your friends, and/or a special person in your life, please speak out against this movie and do not spend your time or money going to see it, not even for “curiosity”. It is not worth it.

It will not empower you to be all the best you can.

It will not empower anyone you take to see it.  

It breaks my heart to think that of how this movie – and others like it – negatively influence and distort the dreams and expectations of people searching for love today. I think of my own children and I want a very different experience for them.

As a woman who has been lovingly married for almost 30 years, I can tell you there are many greater ways to express true love. Do not settle for this low view of “love”. Both men and women can do much better than this movie. We deserve so much more.

What says love and respect to you? How do you help empower others?

8 thoughts on “we deserve more

  1. I, too, have been concerned about how lightly some of the women I know take this movie and go to it with glee as a fun ladies’ night out. What saddens me is that some are those I have sought to
    speak Truth into their lives. Only God can reveal the difference. Thanks for writing on it, Terry!


    • Sure… and thanks for continuing to speak truth to ladies you care about… even when it is hard and there doesn’t seem to be a response. His love (and yours!) is powerful and so important in lives who may not hear the truth from someone else.


  2. Hola Terry, eso que escribes es muy acertado, siento lo mismo respecto a esa pelicula y he leido muchos comentarios contra esta pelicula, pero todo esta en ingles, creo que las personas aca en Mexico necesitan leer cada uno de esos comentarios y analisis para darse cuenta de que cosa estan por poner en su cabeza. Varias veces vi comentarios en facebook acerca de la pelicula y un dia compartí un link de un comentario en contra de ella… solamente una persona contesto algo, pero fue asi como: “ya leiste los 3 libros?” No creo que necesitemos de leer los libros para poder decir algo de ellos, desgraciadamente la gente se excusa con eso: “ya los leiste?” “si no los haz leido no puedes comentar” “primero leelos” . . . Recuerdo que llegue a leer algunos de tus articulos tambien en español, de casualidad este lo tienes traducido? , me gustaria mucho poder compartirlo con mis contactos que no saben ingles. Muchas felicidades a ti y a Steve por sus 30 años de matrimonio 🙂


    • Gracias por tu lindo comentario, Elizabeth. Aquí está el link del post en español: https://maturitascafe.com/2015/02/12/merecemos-mejor/ Espero que lo puedas compartir con muchos más y que algunas escojan no verla. No es necesario ver una película ni leer un libro de cualquier acto malo para saber que así es – ni matar, maltratar a los niños, ni traficar a las personas, por ejemplo. Mejor no lo apoyamos con nuestro tiempo y dinero. Aprecio mucho tu apoyo y tu preocupación y cuidado por los demás. Que Dios te ayude y bendiga tus esfuerzos.


  3. Bless you for speaking out against the ugliness of what is portrayed, the bleakness of what we now in our culture call entertainment. And bless you for standing up for true love, where respect, honor and integrity in the Lord speaks to what our hearts really need. Great post, Ter.


    • Thanks, dear friend. Sometimes there is something important that just needs to be said and I can’t ignore God’s clear prompting. I just pray it might make a difference in a few lives somewhere.


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