focus. focus. focus.

eyeHave a big project to finish?

Do you put it off until the last minute? Do you start well, but putter out near the end?  Do you charge through and end strong? Do you have a hard time focusing and get easily distracted?

Just this morning I emailed away my draft copy of my MA capstone paper. It felt wonderful to hit the “send” button, but it was not an easy process. The final work is still not done. I will receive feedback from the MA advisor and continue on the project until early December. I am so very ready to graduate!

To send off the draft copy, I spent the last three days completely focused on the paper. It was not an easy thing for this sunshine-loving, active extrovert to do, but necessary for the goal. I read this morning a few tips about focus by Michael Hyatt. They may come in handy in the next weeks… or they may help you!

Here’s my version of his list:

Get a good (night’s) rest. Not always easy for me to do, especially when the workload is great, but sleep is important for energy,creativity, positivity, and clear thinking. Lack of sleep makes me groggy, grouchy, and grumpy… not good for high-performance functioning. Some people find that a nap gives a quick boost.

Exercise (in the morning). I love the way I feel AFTER a workout, not before! I greatly prefer a morning run, but even a brisk walk in the evening can help keep the blood flowing and refresh the body for the task. Gotta love endorphins!

Eat a healthy (breakfast). Hyatt specifically mentions breakfast, but I’d say eat healthy all day. More protein, fruit and veggie snacks, less sugar and junk make me feel lots better when I have to put in hours of effort.

Avoid interruptions. To really make progress on the paper, I had to stay at home alone, say “no” to fun invitations from friends, and avoid social media. Hyatt suggests turning off notifications on computer and phone.

Play music. Music can distract me, but maybe this will help you. Choose music that improves your concentration.

Set a timer.  I’ve known others who do this. Concentrate hard for an hour – or any time that works for you – then take a quick stand-up, stretch, walk-around, eat-something break… and then get back to it. Sessions with a stopping point encourage us to give the best we have for that time frame.

Well, I have to get back to work now! I have some other projects to focus on. 🙂

How do you focus on an important project? Share your tips with the rest of us! 


If you’d like to read Michael Hyatt’s original post (he has lots of other good ones too!), just click here!

6 thoughts on “focus. focus. focus.

  1. Hey Terry, as always it is an awesome blog. Great ideas to live a better life and focus when we are working or doing something important. You´re awesome mi Terry! 🙂


  2. Great ideas! I love the way that taking care of me helps me with the bigger picture of what I need to do. How I can function more profitably and efficiency and even effectively. Thanks for the great words. And congratulations on getting your draft out! I know how much work, time and energy that has taken you. And I value how you are finishing well.


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