digital preferences for leadership development

onlineOnline learning is growing at exponential rates. Information and resources for leadership development are available online like never before. Expectations are also rising. Leaders want resources that are easy to access and relevant to their needs, and they like to learn with others. Organizations need to know their audience well in order to provide the right kind of resources in the best ways.

You have read in many of my posts about my studies for my MA in Global Leadership that I am doing together with my husband. We have learned a lot in the last three years and are nearing the home stretch for finishing our degree. This semester we are doing our last project about integrating digital strategies and leadership development. The project will serve our Leadership Development team and leaders around the world.

The project has two parts:

  1. Evaluate the google analytics behind our CCC/Cru Leadership Development websites and
  2. Survey others interested in online options for leadership development about their digital interaction preferences

We will combine these two sources of information to identify and correctly describe our audience for leadership development resources. We will also gain understanding about how leaders want to interact online. Identifying our audience and recognizing their preferences will help us design our online training resources to better meet their needs.

Would you like to help me with our research?

I have posted the link to our quick, 9 question survey. It takes only about 5 minutes to complete. Would you be willing to answer the survey for me? Your input would be greatly appreciated!


I’ll be sure to write a post after the project is complete, so that you will see how your feedback contributed to our understanding! Thanks so much for your help!

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