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March 8th is International Women’s Day! You may not have known that. It is not a high-profile holiday here in the US, maybe it is where you live.

You may not have planned any extra activities or special menu items for the day. If you forgot to invite your family and friends over for the celebration, that’s OK. I thought we could celebrate here!


Since living almost 20 years in Latin America, I know that you do not need an official reason to have a party. It can always be fiesta time! When I read that March 8th is International Women’s Day, I immediately began to have a party in my heart as I reflected on the amazing women who have been on my life journey with me.

I began thinking about family first… My brave Mom who is battling cancer and just lost her husband but continues on loving me and others. My sisters who have each fought their own personal battles through the years, but are growing and learning and giving sacrificially to others. My daughters who make me so proud as they become thoughtful, generous, sensitive, creative, strong, caring women.

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I could never list all the special women who have been friends, coaches, mentors, and inspirational examples for me, but as their faces flashed through my mind, I remember life-changing conversations and experiences together, and my soul feels refreshed and ready for any challenge life may bring.

Friends also came to mind… friends from all stages of life and all parts of the globe. How they have brought laughter, adventure, comfort and challenge to my world! We have talked for hours, worked side by side on eternally valued projects, and cried and hugged through pain. I am a better person because of their investment in my life.

Jimmy Jack Kane / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

I thought, too, of the women I have never met, but I have read about them or read their books or blogs. Women leaders and those who have suffered great tragedies. Women who advocate for women to find their place in powerful divine alliance with men for good and change and hope in our world.

And speaking of men, I cannot forget to mention the ones who have believed in me, sponsored me, and always ensured that I found the stairs to the unique platform God designed for me. My incredible husband, Steve, is the first one on this list.

I have written about some of these special people through the years, but I can never do them all justice. Their influence is engraved in my mind, heart, and soul. So this week, I am taking advantage of International Women’s Day to give a shout out to these special ones. I am so grateful for paths that crossed and lives that intersected.

Will you join my fiesta? Who would you like to honor on this International Women’s Day? Name your special people in the comments… I’d love to celebrate with you!

6 thoughts on “a shout out

  1. Too many to even begin a list — I did one when I turned 60, and would have to add quite a few more!
    My mother, Vonette Bright, Gwen Martin are some of the first names on that list. In the past 20 years, Edie Vega (Navigators staff) would be high up on the list. She moved to Orlando, and I miss her dearly. I should connect you with her; she’s been an awesome co-mentor for me. If I include all the current women having an impact in my life, I would need to name you and Christine Schlottman from our team, Andrea, Karen Zando, Carmela Justiniano and Lynn Maynard + so many others. I need to revisit my list of 10 years ago and expand it. Not a bad idea, my friend.


    • What a wonderful list of great women. I am honored to be included in the “current” list! 🙂 … You are on my list too, dear friend! Love to you! Thanks for celebrating with me!


  2. I joyfully join your fiesta, my friend. It’s amazing to think about those women in my life who have impacted and influenced me for good, for the kingdom. Those who have had a voice in my life that was hard and challenging, which made me grow. And friends, like you, who always push me to think outside the box and consider the awesome ways God continues to work through those He puts intentionally in my life. Thanks, friend, for the wonderful perspective.


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