finding your voice

find your voice

“Cover bands don’t change the world –
you need to find your unique voice if you want to thrive.”
~ Accidental Creative

I am part of an exciting process at work that is looking for ways to help leaders find their voice and make a significant contribution through their lives. This is one of my heart passions and a fitting application for my 2014 word – fulfill. I believe that we are each created with incredible value, opportunity and responsibility to make a positive contribution in our world.

We can only do this if we are at peace with who we are – not constantly comparing with others or imitating someone else – and when we courageously speak out and step up for what we believe.

“Learn what taps your talents and fuels your passion
– that rises out of a great need in the world that you feel drawn by conscience to meet – therein lies your voice, your calling, your soul’s code.”
~ Steven Covey

Finding your voice is about more than mere words. Steven Covey explains that Voice is the overlapping of the four parts of our nature: our body, mind, heart, and spirit.

Accidental Creative put together a great list of questions to help each person discover their Voice. I’ve changed them just a bit. I’ve been thinking about these:

1. What kinds of situations “fire you up” or make you “pound the table”? What evokes compassionate anger in you or makes you want to intervene to correct a wrong?

2. What makes you cry?

3. What have you mastered? What can you do well, without effort, without thinking? What skills and abilities would you like to use more?

4. What gives you hope? What vision do you have for your future and the future of others?

5. As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? What did you dream of doing?

6. If you had all the time and money in the world – no limitations – what would you do?

7. What do you love doing? What makes you come alive? What makes you excited and motivated? 

8. Where can you start today? What platform do you already have? 

9.  What need can you serve? What change would you like to see in the world?

10. If you had one day left, how would you spend it?

You are important. You are needed. Your contribution is valuable. Find your voice… and then help someone else find theirs!

What have you been created to do? What is your Voice?


Great resources!

Steven Covey’s post on Four Steps to Finding your Voice

Accidental Creative’s post on Ten Questions that will Help You Find Your Voice

8 thoughts on “finding your voice

  1. Great post Terry. No manches me hizo pensar mucho justo en estos momentos de mi vida necesito pensar en estar cosas y tomar algunas decisiones. 🙂


    • Mi Clau… me animas muy mucho! 🙂 Todavia mi Esthercita está acá por su “Spring Break”, pero pronto nos ponemos al día y me gustaría escuchar más de tus decisiones! 🙂 Te mando un gran abrazo!


  2. Great questions, Terrry. Pete Scazzero also blogged this topic and had some insightful comments there, especially regarding voice as a leader. I recently came across a quote that connected finding your voice with the pain you’ve experienced. Certainly connects to your first point.


  3. Darn. Looks like Dayle already beat me to the “like” button! Gotta get up pretty early to beat that lady to the punch! Great questions Terry! Good comments Dayle. I have thought of the phrase: “You have not because you ask not.” So often I do not ask God for direction in the little decisions. I find that many times when I do, He answers. In regards to finding your voice, these are good questions to consider for our Personal Leadership Development Plan.


  4. Amazing questions! Huge opportunity for thought and processing! And behind each of those questions is the unspoken need to really listen to God speak to me. How often am I that quiet? How often do I really listen to the Voice of the One who made me? Ter, thanks so very much for bringing these to light. For allowing the focus to really think past what feels like an obstacle to the place of hope and God’s perspective in making me as He did.


    • I find it hard to slow down and listen too, but it is so very worth it! Without Him, we are on a journey without a compass, lost, often wasting a lot of time wandering where we don’t belong. I feel like I am just beginning to know who I am and where I am going after all these years!


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