The irony of an “unhurried” post on Black Friday

I have never really been a big fan of Black Friday shopping. Some years I couldn’t consider walking the stores with my belly still so full of Thanksgiving dinner. Often I have not yet thought through my Christmas gift list. It has never been because I have already finished my shopping, that’s for sure!

This year, I have been content to unhurrry my way through Thanksgiving, fully enjoying the special people who came to visit, without any plans for Christmas shopping yet. I know I will get drawn in to the festivities, the decorating, and even the present buying soon enough. However, I want to practice unhurried living as much as I can this season.

I have learned this… unhurried living has to be intentional. Scattered, frantic, boundary-less busyness comes naturally. Healthy rhythms of work and rest require planning. An unhurried pace requires commitment and it requires discipline. 

Kevin DeYoung says it well:

“We all know we need rest from work,
but we don’t realize we have to work hard just to rest.”

During our Thanksgiving prep, I worked hard to relax about what time we would eat and how things would look. We took time to get outside together, enjoy God’s beauty, and to thank Him for it and for the special people He has brought into our lives. We put our phones down more often – except for the mandatory beautiful food documentation 🙂 – and played games together. 

It wasn’t always easy, but it was intentional and that was progress.

How can you be more intentional about unhurried living?

SAVOR the moments. FOCUS your mind. REST your body.

4 thoughts on “The irony of an “unhurried” post on Black Friday

  1. Thanks Terry for sharing these meaningful and important thoughts. I needed the reminder this morning. So many good quotes in here! The need to be intentional in planning our rest is ironic but so true! A related quote I heard once: “relaxation requires concentration.” I’m still a student of this unhurried life of abiding in Christ moment by moment…thanks for another lesson to keep me growing!

  2. Good golly gee whiz, you nailed this one–necessarily and painfully. Love the quote by Kevin DeYoung–rest is work. No doubt about that. And the results may not be quickly seen. But over time, a rested soul is a sweeter soul. Thanks for this, my friend. Wonderfully said.

    • Thanks, Dayle. You are always so encouraging. I very often battle with the “work” it takes to rest, but am trying to enjoy resting intentionally. I certainly feel the benefits when I do! Praying you have a very restful weekend!

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