false temptations “for sale”

for sale by idea go freedigitalphotos.netDo you ever feel like you “need” something? Do you ever feel that Satan knows just what that need is and knows to use it to tempt you?

The message at church this morning was based on Jesus’ time in the wilderness in Matthew 4. We looked at how Satan tempted Jesus. The verse that really moved me was Matthew 4:9…

And he said to him, “All these I will give you, if you will fall down and worship me.”

Satan was offering Jesus the kingdoms of the world and their glory, if Jesus would just worship him. The irony in the temptation is that Jesus ALREADY owed all the kingdoms – He created them! Jesus ALREADY was worthy of all the glory! What a foolish temptation… “Just follow me, and I will give you… what you already have” and yet…

I realize that Satan often uses that same kind of temptation on me. He offers me fulfillment for my “need” when God has ALREADY taken care of it.

Satan offers me love – in unhealthy relationships… but God has ALREADY loved me with an everlasting love (Jer 31:3). Satan tempts me with temporal monetary and material security… when God has ALREADY provided all I need (Eph 3:20). Satan tempts me with false promises of recognition and worth, when God has ALREADY proven His value of me by Christ’s death on the cross (Rom 5:8) .

When I feel “needy”, I hope to first consider if God has maybe already met that need for me, and I am just not seeing the provision or not remembering the truth. I don’t want to give in to a false temptation and “sell my soul” for something I already own!

Is there a need that Satan uses to tempt you… that God has already taken care of for you?

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