coffee as a way of life


As I started researching for this blog, I learned a bit about coffee… and I’ve decided that I want my life to resemble a robust and rich cup of coffee.

Getting the beans to the cup is a process. The coffee berries must ripen on the bush, just as I must “ripen” or mature (hence the name for the blog 😊). Since the coffee plant and berries are often attacked by numerous pests (over 900 beetles, mites, snails – yuck!), care is essential – special treatments, environment management, and pruning. I, too, often experience attacks during my maturing process and need to alternately take care, change, and cut some things out so I can grow. It is an investment in the final product.

Workers harvest the seeds (picked – traditionally by hand, fermented to remove the flesh, and dried) and then roast them. This reminds me of God choosing me and taking me through my life’s trials and “fires.” Roasting is done using different methods at varying degrees depending on the desired flavor. Isn’t it interesting how God has individually designed our lives? We are each a unique creation.

The berries are next ground (a burr mill uses revolving elements to shear the bean; an electric grinder smashes the beans with blunt blades moving at high speed; and a mortar and pestle crush the beans… sometimes, I feel like I am in a burr mill or mortar!), and finally brewed. Don’t you find that the most authentic and attractive people have often been “broken” and “washed” through their life experiences?

Finally, the coffee is prepared and enjoyed in a variety of ways – often together with others -bringing energy and pleasure to many. I, personally, like mine black and bold.

How do you like your coffee?

What is it that you want to represent your life?

What do you think? Qué piensas?

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